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A couple of years ago Google devaluated (and in some instances penalized for) reciprocal link exchanges by Real Estate sites and God Bless them for doing so. If we are all going to be honest the whole idea of exchanging a link with a REALTOR in another city or state was nothing less than a blatant attempt to manipulate the SERPs. And it worked for years.

I personally spent endless hours soliciting reciprocal link exchanges and then constantly auditing them to make sure the site owner was living up to their part of the exchange. This time could have and should have been used to update existing content and writing new content for my website. In other words adhering to the Google Webmaster Guidelines…. Da! So when the word came down from on high that the link scam was over and everyone had to take down their spammy 50 page “State Directories” while others were wringing their hands I was celebrating and quickly went back to writing fresh content.

I still have serious heart burn with real estate sites that have reciprocal link exchanges on their Home Pages. I’ve read all the excuses in the forums and on blog posts that these are “Referral Partners” and they share clients. I guess we are also supposed to believe in the Easter Bunny too. While Matt Cutts and Google are aware of the practice and it is a clear violation of their Webmaster Guidelines they have yet to act on this link scam. My guess is that eventually they will and I urge all beginning real estate webmasters to avoid this practice.

Quality Back Links

There are other ways to get quality back links and adhere to the Webmaster Guidelines. Good, relevant, fresh content is the best way. We you write articles that are authoritative and have useful information website owners will link to the article without even being asked. This gives you a premium one-way link.

Another favorite is Blog Comments on blogs that use the DoFollow tag. Like anything else, spammers hit the blogs hard using comments to perpetuate their spam and most blog software is NoFollow by default. You now must use a DoFollow plugin or hard code your blog to follow external links. Personally I feel the DoFollow movement is the right approach to encourage visitors to contribute to your blog by posting comments that are relevant to the post and contribute to the conversation. I personally use the DoFollow plugin on all of my blogs. I do however moderate my comments and will use the “Delete” button in a heart beat on any and all spammers.

By using the DoFollow tag I have increased visitor participation on my blogs and have made some new acquaintances. Without comments from my visitors my blogs seem to be a one sided conversation and while I may not agree with all of my comment poster’s opinions I do like the fresh perspectives they add. So for me Comments are a win-win scenario.

DoFollow Blog Lists

There are a lot of DoFollow Blog lists out there. If using any of them I strongly suggest you verify that the blogs you posts to truly do use the DoFollow plugin. What I would like to do here is create a list of DoFollow Blogs that are specifically related to “Real Estate”. If you have a DoFollow Real Estate Blog please post it in our comments and it will be added to the list. This will give REALTORS the opportunity to communicate with likeminded individuals in an industry that we are all involved with.

It creates fresh content for your website and gives your readers different points of view.

This list will be monitored and audited on a regular basis. If the DoFollow plugin is removed or if the blog is found to perpetuate spam you link will be removed. All Blogs must comply with the Google Webmaster Guidelines at all times.

Caution: For website owners that are considering using the DoFollow Plugin I strongly urge you to moderate ALL of your comments. I also suggest you only accept quality comments that contribute to the conversation.

The List:


  1. Avatar for Las Vegas Real Estate
    Las Vegas Real Estate says:


    I think this is a great idea and will help expand my Network!

    Please add Las Vegas Real Estate to your list.


    Linda Krause

  2. Avatar for San Diego Luxury Homes
    San Diego Luxury Homes says:

    Blogs are a great way to distribute current real estate news to the public. Cooperation among bloggers will help achieve that objective. By doing this we will also help property sellers know that when they list homes for sale with qualified Realtors they will see great results. Owners of San Diego luxury homes are particularly sophisticated in this regard, and they should know that they get what they pay for.

  3. Avatar for Atlanta Real Estate
    Atlanta Real Estate says:

    Hi Mack,

    Please add my Atlanta Real Estate site. I do accept Blog Comments and use the DoFollow plugin.


  4. Avatar for Alfred

    Well, it’s not the largest list, but every little bit helps. I wish I had a blog for you, but I don’t.

  5. Avatar for SEOWolf


    No sir, right now it is an itty-bitty list, but we hope to see it grow. In checking some of the other lists out there I have noticed that they are not very well maintained. We hope we can do better.

  6. Avatar for web solutions
    web solutions says:

    Great! I didn’t realize the comments could have been made dofollow and no follow.

    Well, I’ve also made all my comments as dofollow as per the guideline provided here.


  7. Avatar for Build Bankroll
    Build Bankroll says:

    I am thinking of changing my blog, what is the downside of doing this though? Does your site get de-valued if you have a lot of DoFollow links?

  8. Avatar for John

    The Blogs are a great way to distribute current real estate news to the public. So if you looking to exchange your council house, then you have found the best place, the best place if u wana know check profile….

  9. Avatar for Resale Centre
    Resale Centre says:

    Check out for us European Estate Agents, they have the dofollow plugin and we upload content to the site when we can 🙂

  10. Avatar for Charles@Las Vegas Real Estate
    Charles@Las Vegas Real Estate says:

    Do Follow blogs seem to be a dying breed alright Firoj. Too many spammers ruin it for everyone. Nice little list of real estate blogs Mack. How are things going?
    .-= Charles@Las Vegas Real Estate´s last blog ..Time Running Out for the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit =-.

  11. Avatar for Logan @ Brazil Real Estate
    Logan @ Brazil Real Estate says:

    By listing the properties which are for sale on real estate blogs will help everyone. The real estate agent will get buyers easily and also the buyers will get property easily.It will save a lot of money in transportation.

  12. Avatar for loans

    Awesome man! I posted some comments before anyway, because a lot of your stuff is really awesome.If interested in link exchange please contact me.

  13. Avatar for azhar

    it awesome post , we also give real estate services
    By listing the properties which are for sale on real estate blogs will help everyone.

  14. Avatar for Joel@hgh

    Thanks for list. I have a real estate related site but not turned to dofollow blog. I will suggest soon once i make changes. Will there be any negative effects of such actions by SERP? I am asking because it is already well ranked blog.

  15. Avatar for singapore properties
    singapore properties says:

    Thank you for such a list!
    .-= singapore properties´s last blog ..HDB enhances resale checklist to help sellers and buyers make informed decisions =-.

  16. Avatar for Rodney@Home Builder Types
    Rodney@Home Builder Types says:

    Good list. Making your blog a “do follow” blog can have tremendous advantages and actually increase your traffic and business if you’re strategic. The challenge is how to funnel local bloggers/visitors to your site so they become familiar with your name and offerings. If you can accomplish this you’ll develop a list of constant visitors to your site who will become familiar with you.

    And if you couple this with Twitter and Facebook you could have something special.
    .-= Rodney@Home Builder Types´s last blog ..Six Tips for Choosing a Builder to Build Your New Home =-.

  17. Avatar for Dofollow wordpress
    Dofollow wordpress says:

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  18. Avatar for @Sell My Buisness
    @Sell My Buisness says:

    Thanks for giving such an information about Do follow blogs.Making a blog as Do follow help to increase the traffic.

  19. Avatar for Jonathan@Destin Florida Property Management
    Jonathan@Destin Florida Property Management says:

    Thanks for the post and the links. I will definitely add them to my list to check out. If anyone is not getting a ton of comments or would like more on their blog, I would most definitely switch to do follow links and just moderate them better.

  20. Avatar for My Heart Poems
    My Heart Poems says:

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  21. Avatar for Distefano

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  31. Avatar for HNI Reality

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  33. Avatar for Wayne S Sullivan
    Wayne S Sullivan says:

    very good info.  I have a new homes website and I wrote down all the links. I’ll been checking out your site.  I appreciate your work. Thanks.

  34. Avatar for Dave from Snap Up Real Estate
    Dave from Snap Up Real Estate says:

    I sincerely appreciate you taking the effort to put this list together. I am a little surprised this list has not grown longer over all these years. Admittedly, we’ve neglected our real estate blog while we’ve been redeveloping our software.

    New project added to the list: review all the sites listed here & figure out a way to pay it forward. 🙂


  35. Avatar for Richard Simon

    Hi Seowolf

    Blogs gives a platform where users can know about the information what they want about their desired search.

    Please guide me where would i get the mortgage do follow blogs.



  36. Avatar for Luxury Villas for rent in Mykonos
    Luxury Villas for rent in Mykonos says:

    Hello Mack.
    In our days, the link building from blog comments is a very difficult issue, because most blogs have modified their links to nofollow.
    That’s why, all of us who are involved in website promotions, are focused on the content of the websites.

  37. Avatar for The Hendrickson Brothers
    The Hendrickson Brothers says:

    Are there only four out there right now? Seems like I visited this link before and there were quite a few more. Sad to see it’s decreased so much!

  38. Avatar for Ashley Hayes
    Ashley Hayes says:

    Thanks for the few suggestions. I also found that the forum on offers do follow links in your signature and you can set the anchor text!

  39. Avatar for Paul

    I believe with Google, you just need to make sure what you are doing makes sense.
    For example, these would be BAD practices!
    – posting the same content to multiple websites / pages
    – keyword stuffing with links and backlinks to your own site

    I think if you write to offer value and an opinion, then sign off with an appropriate signature that says who you are and where you can be found – then I would go for it!

    Hope that helps!

    Paul Eastwood
    Integrated IDX and CRM website solutions

  40. Avatar for Michael pidgon
    Michael pidgon says:

    What a great idea establishing a list of dofollow blogs, I’m currently establishing a network of Caledon real estate agents I work with for blog exchanges with dofollow links. Any more ideas for link buidling.

  41. Avatar for Fotógrafo de Arquitetura
    Fotógrafo de Arquitetura says:

    Great tip! I didn’t realize the comments could have been made dofollow and no follow. Learning Always =)

  42. Avatar for Tom Clarkin
    Tom Clarkin says:

    This is a great idea for a list. We’ve considered making our blog do follow but I am concerned about attracting spammers. For those of you that do have dofollow blogs how much time do you spend moderating comments>

  43. Avatar for DEEDEE

    Hi Mack,

    I agree with you, Mack, Matt Cutts and Google should have put a halt to the nonsense of linking a long time ago. However, I guess it’s better late than never. I plan to make my website a “do follow” blog too I think it’s beneficial to everyone using the internet to add value to their websites. Could you tell me the pros and cons of adding a “do follow?”


  44. Avatar for Brent Germany
    Brent Germany says:

    A few things I love about this article. #1 is it looks like it was written in 2009-ish (on my birthday no less), and I am commenting on it 7 years later. I’m trying to build my links back to my website,, the right way. Our new push toward organic ranking is centered around writing unique content, and I am also trying to get backlinks. The DoFollow blog is great.

    My website has a checkbox that allows/disallows comments and actually another checkbox that says “NoFollow Comments”. I will find out if we don’t have this checked then that post will create DoFollow links.

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