PHP IDX Plugin for Real Estate Websites

PHP IDX Plugin
The UltimateIDX™ PHP IDX Plugin can be installed on any PHP website or PHP design framework such as Bootstrap or Foundation, to provide a mobile-responsive IDX solution with SEO friendly IDX content.

PHP IDX Plugin Highlights

Quick Setup
Fully Responsive
Flexible Design
All On Your Website
Lead Capture Built-in
Mapping Built-in
SEO Built-in
Indexable Listings

Add PHP IDX and Lead Capture widgets to your PHP website using the Ultimate IDX JavaScript Plugin.

The PHP IDX plugin can be used with any custom PHP website or CSS framework such as BootstrapZurb Foundation – and more.

All content is in your website, SEO friendly – AND on your domain – no FRAMES, IFRAMES, or subdomains!
All IDX widgets are fully mobile-responsive and work with your CSS framework so they look fabulous on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Our theme designer helps you customize the style of widgets. If you like you can even manipulate the CSS too.

See all the IDX and Lead Capture features.

The UltimateIDX is completely web based. That means nothing to install on your computer. It also means that any upgrades or enhancements are seamless.

SEO Friendly PHP IDX (optional)

Using the PHP IDX API is required if you wish to have SEO benefits.

SEO Features for PHP are enabled through our PHP API class that we will provide. Simply adding a few lines of PHP to your web pages will ensure that IDX widgets are search engine friendly.

  • Create SEO friendly listing details pages with appropriately written META, TITLE and other key tags.
  • Each property page can have its own long-tail unique URL
  • Get pages indexed by Google and other search engines

** Note: this features requires that you can add PHP server-side scripts to your web pages

The JavaScript IDX plugin allows for simple and rapid deployment of IDX and Lead Capture on your PHP Website. It is compatible with the following:

  • Native PHP
  • Bootstrap
  • Semantic UI
  • Zurb Foundation
  • Leaf
  • Material Framework
  • Materialize
  • Essence
  • Cascade
  • Baseguide
  • Siimple
  • .. and more!

Just add the JavaScript library to the <head> section of all pages in your PHP website, and then use <div> shortcodes to display search forms, property details, canned results, interactive mapping etc.

Our Widget and Shortcode Creator Wizard helps you to generate the code needed!

A Webmaster with basic skills can implement UltimateIDX JavaScript plugin in their PHP website in about 10 minutes.

Customize Presentation

The various UltimateIDX IDX and Service widgets are easy to customize. No technical skills required!.

Configure colors and fonts to tailor standard widgets to match your existing website CSS.

Customize Search and Display

All widgets permit the application of search and data Filters.
Filters allow you to pre-define search criteria, present canned results, control display options – and so on.