Is the Real Estate Industry Prepared for a Recession?

You’ve heard the rumblings and seen the signs. There is definite slow down hitting the housing market. Economists are warning of a recession. 2020 looks like the year the downturn will hit. So how will you spend 2019? Will the housing market shoulder the blame like the last recession?

There is good news and bad. Thankfully, the real estate industry will not take the blame this time and will not be the industry hit hardest. According to RisMedia’s latest article, the housing market cooling off may not be as disastrous this time. Instead of real estate prices bottoming out, there are indications that low inventory will be the problem.

So how will real estate professionals spend preparing in 2019? Building financial cushions, understanding how to address clients’ fears and needs in a recession, and creating a reliable lead nurturing system appears to be key.

How will you prep for 2020?






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