Embeddable IDX Plugin for Squarespace with CRM Integration

The UltimateIDX™ Squarespace IDX Plugin can be installed in minutes, seamlessly blending responsive IDX search, property display and lead capture with your site design to transform it into an easy-to-use home-search service for your target market.

Squarespace IDX Plugin Highlights

Quick Set Up
Fully Responsive
Flexible Design
All On Your Website
Lead Capture Built In
Mapping Built In
All MLS Listings
Installation Videos

All content is in your own Squarespace Real Estate Website,
on your domain - no FRAMES, IFRAMES, or subdomains.

The UltimateIDX Squarespace IDX CRM Plugin seamlessly embeds IDX and Lead Capture widgets – and other functions – in your Squarespace website.

Use UltimateIDX widget codes to display search forms, property details, canned results, interactive mapping, login links.. and more.

For example:

  • Present your active listings (or from your Office or team)
  • Showcase your sold listings 
  • Display properties on a map for a specific subdivision
  • Present single family homes with views, on a map widget on a neighborhood page
  • Create your own Landing / Squeeze pages with CMS forms etc
  • and more..

Customize Content to Match Your Marketing

Adding MLS properties, search and lead-capture widgets to your Squarespace website is made easy with the UltimateIDX Widget Wizard:

  1. Choose how to display (grid, list, map etc)
  2. Then, use the search form
    (with all the MLS criteria) to determine what you want to display
  3. Copy the generated code and then paste into your Squarespace web page!

Our Widget Wizard helps you to quickly set up your Squarespace website with properties to match the marketing you have on any page.

Customize Presentation to Blend with Your Site Design

The various UltimateIDX search, property display and lead-capture widgets are easy to customize and blend with the design of your Squarespace website. No technical skills required!.

Our library of Widget Widget Themes already have a vast selection of color options.
If you need a specific theme, simply copy and existing theme and use our theme designer to configure colors and fonts to tailor standard widgets to match your existing website.
(If you like, you can even manipulate the CSS too!)

Mobile Responsive for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Devices

All Ultimate IDX widgets are fully mobile-responsive so they look fabulous on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

See all the IDX and Lead Capture features.

Installation and Setup on Squarespace Is Fast and Easy!

The IDX Squarespace plugin can be used with any Squarespace website theme.

The Squarespace IDX CRM Plugin supports all editions of our service Independent Agent, Real Estate Teams and Brokerage Office accounts.

See all IDX and Lead Capture Widget features.

Don’t have a website? We can design a custom or semi-custom real estate website for you.