What is IDX Web API and RETS?

The Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS) has been mandated for use on all MLS Boards by mid 2009 by the National Association of REALTORS® in an effort to standardize programming language used by MLS systems nationwide.

The concept of having all MLS (multiple listing services) real estate systems using the same language is a valid way of standardizing computer languages and eliminating the need of learning multiple languages by software vendors such as ourselves.

RETS is evolving steadily and is the new method of IDX data sharing by local MLS Boards. For developers of IDX websites, RETS allows faster deployment into new markets. This encourages more third party vendors such as the UltimateIDX™ to enter new markets resulting in better service and productivity for MLS customers.

Another advantage of RETS over the IDX system is the frequency of data updates available to REALTORS® on their personal real estate websites. Some local boards allow updates frequently throughout the day giving potential buyers the most accurate information available. These frequent MLS data updates are extremely beneficial to Brokers, Agents and potential buyers that visit these real estate sites.

UltimateIDX Use Of RETS

The UltimateIDX encourages and supports the use, development and implementation of RETS with all MLS systems nationwide. In addition to offering our MLS Clients the latest RETS services available, our entire system is RETS compatible. This ensures our Clients receive the benefits of RETS such as constant updates throughout the day and support for sold properties (where available) too.

New RETS Markets

We will continue to grow into new MLS markets with our RETS services as demand dictates.

If you are interested in our RETS services and wish to see if they are available in your market, or when they will be, please complete the form below and someone from our Staff will be in touch with you soon.