The Most Comprehensive IDX Web API / RETS Integration Solution Available

We believe that quality, timely and complete MLS data is at the heart of your real estate IDX marketing system.

Unlike other solutions that typically provide only half or less of the MLS data fields available (meaning your website will only provide a basic, amateur presentation of the MLS to any potential Buyer), the Ultimate IDX aims to support ALL the available local fields of your MLS.

With Ultimate IDX powering your website, your leads, clients and prospects will have access to the most professional and comprehensive MLS search tools available.

And, your most effective method of lead engagement – Property Alerts – will offer specific laser-like accurate search services demanded by consumers these days.

Why Compromise?

The Ultimate IDX is committed to COMPLETE, TIMELY and QUALITY MLS data to power your marketing efforts.

Comprehensive MLS Data Coverage

We aim to ensure that ALL your important and local MLS fields are “searchable” and will be displayed with property details – typically in excess of 50 special fields from YOUR MLS.

Because our integrated CRM allows Agents to use the MLS data to collaborate with Leads (and this means using all the MLS data – not just a handful of fields) we are dedicated to ensuring that data, including photos, is accurate.

All MLS IDX data displayed for searches and listings are tailored to your local MLS.
Property search and display always reflects your specific local marketplace.

MLS Data Constantly Updated

Accurate and constantly updated MLS Web API / RETS data is at the heart of our solution. Our connections to the MLS Web API / RETS feed update the IDX data constantly throughout the day.

These regular updates power the Just Listed Property Alerts, which is one of the key features of lead conversion that constantly brings leads back to your site.

In addition, there is no need to manually add listings, the IDX Web API / RETS feed from your MLS allows automatic and constant updating throughout the day of all MLS Listings in your website. Once your listing is entered in your local MLS it will then automatically show up in your website. IDX/MLS is updated constantly throughout the day with all the latest information and new listings.

IDX Data Quality

A constant update of data with the RETS feed means we can ensure the highest quality and accuracy of MLS data – including photos.

This includes your featured listings, sold listings and any listings or selection of listings posted on your blog.

All Listings display YOUR contact information, complete with Agency Name, Agent Name, Office Phone, Direct Phone and email address.

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