Embeddable Duda IDX Widget with CRM Integration for Real Estate

The UltimateIDX™ IDX Plugin is easy to install on your Duda website, seamlessly integrating the MLS with IDX and lead capture widgets with your website design.

Easy to Set Up

Installation and set up to show MLS search and display of listings can be done by any webmaster or web designer with normal Duda skills, in about 30 minutes. 

Duda IDX Plugin Widget Highlights

Use Shortcodes
Fully Responsive
Flexible Design
All On Your Website
Lead Capture Built In
Mapping Built In
All MLS Listings
Installation Videos

The UltimateIDX IDX CRM Plugin embeds IDX MLS Search and Properties – and other functions – in your Duda website.

All content is in your own Duda Real Estate Website, on your domain – no FRAMES, IFRAMES, or subdomains.

Using easy-to-use widgets (<div> tags) you can add dynamic displays of IDX properties to your Duda web pages.

Mobile Responsive for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Devices

All Ultimate IDX widgets are fully mobile-responsive so they look fabulous in your Duda website on all devices.

Duda IDX Widgets can be customized using our theme designer. If you like you can even manipulate the CSS too.

See all the IDX and Lead Capture features.

Customize Presentation

The various UltimateIDX IDX and Service widgets are easy to customize and blend with the design of your Duda website.

Configure colors and fonts to tailor standard widgets to match your existing website.

Customize Search and Display

All widgets permit the application of “search” and “data” filters.
Filters allow you to pre-define search criteria, present canned results, control display options – and so on.

Installation on Duda Is Fast and Easy!

The Ultimate IDX Duda plugin can be used with any Duda website.
If you know how to add pages and sections to your Duda web site, then you’ll have no problem adding our plugin.

  1. Add our JavaScript library to your Duda website.
  2. Then copy and paste in the HTML <div> code widgets anywhere on your Duda page designs to show MLS search or properties.
    It’s that easy!

Use IDX widgets (<div> tags)  to display search forms, property details, canned results, interactive mapping, login links ..and more.

We provide a full instructions to guide and help with every step.

For example, the first part of the instructions are to first, go to the Duda Developer Mode. Then place our IDX JavaScript library in the “body-end.html” section in Developer Mode of the editor.
(With Duda, to avoid conflict, the plugin will load the IDX JavaScript at the end of pages to load after the Duda scripts.)

The Duda IDX CRM Plugin supports all editions of our service Independent Agent, Real Estate Teams and Brokerage Office accounts.

See all IDX and Lead Capture Widget features.