IDX and Lead Capture Widgets

Our IDX and Lead Capture widgets help transform your website into a modern, information-rich and customer-friendly showcase resource to help you capture leads and engage your clients.

IDX Widgets are modular, customizable components that can be added to any part of your webpage. There’s no IFRAME or subdomain – so you can design pages and page-layout the way YOU want! Pages or blog posts can have multiple widgets. Everything fits with YOUR design!

  • More than IDX: IDX + Services to Consumers + Lead Capture
  • Mobile Responsive – all widgets look great from desktop to tablet to mobile
  • IDX for WordPress, SquareSpace, Joomla, Weebly, PHP, HTML and more
  • Seamless integration with your website
  • Widget themes make it easy to blend and compliment your web design
  • Constant MLS RETS data updates throughout the day
  • Use widgets any number of times to showcase your knowledge, expertize and focus
  • Many additional integrations, extensions and APIs available


Search forms incorporate ALL the “general” and “local” fields of YOUR MLS!

Advanced search widget

Search Form

The standard search form for your MLS will allow searching by all MLS fields and criteria.

Customized search links

Custom Search Links

Use the customer Search Link Creator wizard to generate links you can share anywhere to show specific properties.

Custom search with our tools

Custom Search Form

WIth basic HTML skills you can create your own custom search forms!

Add search forms to any number of pages. It is possible to ‘pre-select’ values where you want to guide consumers in their search.


The Results Widget shows the search results with 3 alternative views –
as a “list”, “grid” or “interactive map”.

This widget can also be used for general property display on any additional pages on your website.

Showing Results in advanced search


Display Widgets are designed to showcase any listings based on any MLS criteria.

Our Widget and Shortcode Creator Wizard helps you to generate the code needed!

3 properties displayed in a list

Display as a List

The List WIdget shows a list of properties according to your specifications.

6 properties displayed

Display in a Grid

The Grid / Gallery widget can be shown in any number of columns AND as an animated carousel too.

Display map of local area

Interactive IDX Map

Apply any criteria to show properties on the interactive IDX Map Widget – including a polygon shape too if you wish!

Lead Capture

Soft Lead Capture is built-in to all widgets.
Forced registration and “reminder” prompts can be applied to restrict the number of searches and properties viewed.

Save alerts for later

Get Alerts

After any search, the consumer is helped to save their search and create as many property alerts as they wish.

Save a property and take a look later

Save Property

Its quick and easy for your leads and prospects to save properties with notes.

Request info boxes in the tool

Request Info

Multiple lead capture mechanisms all generate leads that go straight to your account with the integrated Leads and Contacts CRM.

There is also a Lead Capture Form Widget that provides multiple direct ways to capture leads through distinct calls to action – such as “Find out How Much your Home Is Worth”

Login / My Account

Making it easy for your leads and clients to sign-up and sign-in again.
The My Account dashboard is their Home Search starting point.

UltimateIDX widgets transform your website into a home search service and portal for your leads and clients
A password protected My Account dashboard allows your leads and clients to save listings, save searches and manage their own property alerts.

Backend-dashboard with profile on it


The My Account Dashboard is for your clients and prospects to manage their home search activity

My Searches and Alerts

All their recent searches and all their alerts will be shown and available for use.

My Favorite Properties

Your clients and prospects can track all the properties they like – and keep notes too.

Comprehensive CRM Included!

All lead activity in your website is tracked and integrated to your Real Estate CRM account – it’s all included!