Real Estate Webmasters Lies

I heard from a client that Morgan Carey was up to his old tricks again slamming anyone that competes with him. So I went a looked and sure enough, he has an imaginary Member (melissayost – 2 Posts) slamming the UltimateIDX.

The truth of the matter is that we have never served Casa Grande, AZ or any other MLS market in Arizona for that matter. But the truth has NEVER impeded Morgan Carey on any front especially when it comes to slamming competitors.

In his thread at (www) Morgan states “Anything has got to be better than UltimateIDX”. Now while my list of REW Clients that have converted to the UltimateIDX continues to grow he can not site one of our clients that have switched to the Real Estate Webmasters IDX. So if “anything” is better than the UltimateIDX where does that leave REW?

While our disputes over the years are well known and subject of much Internet lore, you would think that Morgan and Real Estate Webmasters would just shut up. Especially after narrowly escaping FBI prosecution for hacking the Pro Real Estate Network Forum.

Morgan’s unethical practices and “Black Hat” SEO are continuously overlooked by his fanatical followers and “Kool Aide Drinkers” at Real Estate Webmasters regardless of the depths he is willing to sink to. I mean come on; you guys must at least feel the need to shower after some of your orchestrated attacks on Morgan Carey detractors. Don’t you?

There are actually very few days that I am not contacted by REW clients that want to use the UltimateIDX. The problem is that we can not map a new MLS for one or two Agents. We need at least 10 Agents to commit to using our services prior to us mapping a new MLS market. And unlike REW who is rumored to not pay MLS Boards for data feeds, we pay all required fees to any Board that charges for the feed. To do anything less constitutes theft and jeopardizes IDX Client’s access to the much needed data.

When I heard that NAR requested logs from REW concerning the latest ruling and Morgan declined I must admit I found myself rolling on the ground. The LAST thing that Morgan wants is for National Association of Realtors to see computer logs that might be shared with Local MLS Boards. That could well be the end of REW.

And don’t forget that the REW Summit 2009 is coming up July 30 through the 31st in Nanaimo, BC and for ONLY $499 you can line up and kiss Morgan Carey’s hairy while the former Porn Webmaster teaches you how to sell real estate. This is a MUST Attend Event for all Morgan Carey “Kool Aide Drinkers”!


  1. Avatar for zach@Mid Mo Mortgage
    zach@Mid Mo Mortgage says:

    As a marketing agent in a related field (finance), I know how black-hat SEO “specialists” pan out in the end.

    May I ask what UltimateIDX is, exactly? I looked at your sales page I found via Google and it seemed tailored to real estate. (Perhaps it could be used for finance niches?)
    .-= zach@Mid Mo Mortgage´s last blog ..Mortgage Rates – January 2010 =-.

    1. Avatar for SEOWolf

      Yes the UltimateIDX is tailored for the Real Estate industry however it can be used in any industry that needs the ability to capture and manage Internet Leads.

  2. Avatar for Charles Marx
    Charles Marx says:

    He’s a very arrogant rude person from my experience.
    He is nice if he wants something and certianly not someone who really is intersted in helping out unless he he get something from you. Typical IT type everyone complains about with challenged social skills and personality bypass IMHO. He needs to learn to ski too… makes a nice ski bunny on the slopes.. look at his photo on his blog.

  3. Avatar for sonia@sell house quickly
    sonia@sell house quickly says:

    Sounds like Morgan is out to slam the UltimateIDX in every which way possible. My advice would be to ignore the guy and just concentrate on the great product you have. Having Morgan on the back of your mind will only irritate you further.

  4. Avatar for Arizona Homes For Sale
    Arizona Homes For Sale says:

    dont be selfish guy, Be nice to everybody and you will be rewarded 🙂
    .-= Arizona Homes For Sale´s last blog ..5 Reasons to Live in Phoenix, Arizona =-.

  5. Avatar for Geofff@San Diego Homes
    Geofff@San Diego Homes says:

    I’m glad to be using UltimateIDX for my San Diego real estate site. Mack, you are a true gentleman and a pleasure to work with!
    .-= Geofff@San Diego Homes´s last blog ..San Diego Houses Selling Fast =-.

  6. Avatar for Scottish Property
    Scottish Property says:

    Great stuffs,.Although your potential buyers will appreciate a nice Jacuzzi, they will not tolerate any leaks on the roof and really old plumbing. If your house has issues like these, buyers will not even spend a minute checking it out.Go for some remodeling .

  7. Avatar for The Real Estate SEO
    The Real Estate SEO says:

    Morgan…Morgan…Morgan…he just can’t wrap his head around his past interactions with me back in the day. And now…he has his sights set on us for competing with him and providing a far superior product. Well I wish him luck given we are a registered Costa Rican company but he is more than welcome to come on down and try on the CR legal system for size. He might be surprised.

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