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How can I include your plugin with my theme?

We get asked this a few times a week from theme developers and designers that want to include our Menu Creator with their products.  As part of our efforts to make the plug-in as developer / designer friendly as we can, we encourage this as often as possible in hopes that it will be used as a central feature of the overall design concept.  The method for including the plug-in is pretty much the same as nearly any other.  The basic idea is to define the zones or areas in the theme you wish to render the menus and then use a little PHP to load the variables if certain conditions are met, essentially that the plug-in is present and active.  If the function for the displaying of menu creator menus is present then load the menu number specified, otherwise display something else.

It is important to note that in future releases of the plug-in, we will have added widget support for themes that use them in order to make the inclusion of menu’s super user friendly. Your theme users will simply create the menu, add the links and once saved, simply use the widget feature to assign the widget to locations supported by your theme. The widget can be used or replicated many times with the difference being only the MenuID it is to display.  At some point in the future we will add in a way of putting dynamic CSS for instant styling of the menu items.

For now here is the code to include the menu creator in your themes.

if (function_exists(‘displayMenu’)) {
} else {
//your alternative menu code here


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    Can someone help me? I am using Arras theme. I have the following code in my header for navigation

    <a href="”>

    <a href="”>

    <a href="”>

    <a href="”>

    <a href="”>

    I copied the CSS given above into my style.css amd i replaced the code above with but it didn’t work the way its appearing in instead it shows some bullet points in the header :(.

    I know i did something wrong here, can anyone help me to sort it out !!!!

    Thanks for the help :).

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