Are REcolorado and IRES Moving Towards a Merger? New Information Suggests….Possibly?

After several stops-and-starts, a recent failed takeover bid of IRES by REcolorado and an announcement that they will no longer share data, are you concerned that these two will never find a way to “make it work”?  Well, some new information suggests there might be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Recently, 20 plus major brokerage firms sent the parties involved a letter requesting they come up with a solution to the multi-MLS “situation”, and gave them until June 1st to respond.  REcolorado and IRES appear to have accepted the challenge and hired T3MLS, an MLS consolidation consultancy, to help them merge their different platforms.

How will this affect IDX RETS?

Previous data sharing agreements between IRES and REColorado were limited to MLS data sharing only.  There was never any consideration of a combined IDX data feed, meaning that agents and brokers wanting IDX from both MLS were required to obtain two IDX feeds, one from each MLS.

At Blue Fire Group, we don’t see any short-term fixes to this dilemma. Even if IRES and REcolorado get come together and re-establish data sharing, we don’t expect to see them offer a combined IDX RETS feed unless they actually do end up merging.  However, even in this scenario, it could still be 12-18 months before merged IDX RETS feed would be delivered.

Add IRES or REcolorado to Your Ultimate IDX Account for Free

If you are a member of both IRES and REcolorado and need a dual IDX solution, then we have the solution for you.  For the next few months, we are waiving our “additional MLS fee” for new Ultimate IDX CRM accounts, when both IRES and REcolorado IDX feeds are included.

Until this situation can be sorted out and finalized, we will make our best effort to work with Agents from Denver and Northern Colorado to ensure access to both MLS IDX feeds at a reasonable cost.  For more information about the Ultimate IDX solution and/or our product options, contact us.


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