7 Quick Ways for Real Estate Agents to Market Themselves

For Agents Short on Time

Marketing yourself as a real estate agent can seem overwhelming. The amount of time it takes to create marketing materials, publish, and promote yourself can seem unrealistic when you already have a million tasks to do. But we have curated the fastest and easiest ways to market yourself and attract leads as a real estate agent. These tips are designed to build relationships with leads and produce an actual ROI.

1. Capture Leads with Niche Landing Pages

Use your IDX to create individual niche landing pages on your real estate website. For example, create pages for mountain view properties, lakefront properties, specific neighborhoods, properties in specific school districts, etc. These landing pages attract niche leads that bigger websites miss. 

Bonus tip: put a lead capture form on these pages to collect your leads’ information.

2. Send Customized Property Alerts

This is another low-time investment tactic. If you are using an IDX + CRM like Buying Buddy you can easily offer property alerts to buyer prospects. These alerts can automatically text or email your leads on a routine schedule with listings that match their specific home search criteria.

Bonus tip: You can even create personalized scripts like, “Hey John, I saw this listing and thought it might be a good fit. I have a question about your kitchen preferences though. Could we connect later today?” This automatically encourages leads to reach out to you.

3. Question Everything

Want to get a higher response rate from your marketing efforts? Try adding a question to your content. Adding a poll or question to your blogs, social posts, and emails is a proven strategy to drive up engagement. It promotes relationships and conversations. Try adding a poll about what the best neighborhood is in your area or adding a question to the end of your email campaigns like, “How many bedrooms are you interested in?”

4. Create Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is content that never goes out of style. It is blog posts, email campaigns, videos, guides, etc. that are just as interesting to read or watch today as it was five years ago.

Save yourself a ton of time by creating evergreen content that will always be useful. For example, content about specific neighborhoods, prepping a home for sale, or steps in the home buying process.

5. Remix Your Content

If you are creating evergreen content, it’s easy to remix it and share it over a variety of channels. Creating a local neighborhood guide? Share it on your blog, email it to your leads and contacts, remix it into a video, promote with social posts, and do a Q & A session about it on Instagram and Facebook live. It’s the easiest way to get the most bang for your buck.

6. Create Squeeze Pages/Lead Capture Forms

Squeeze pages contain forms that you can fill out on websites to get something in return. Every person on the internet has filled one out before. This could be signing up for a newsletter, a chance to win a vacation, an ebook, property alerts, etc. A website will ask for your name and email in exchange for something you want. Most real estate agents don’t use squeeze pages and are missing out on a ton of leads. Bonus Tip: Try putting a squeeze page on your website to capture leads. Offer a newsletter, market report, property alerts, or neighborhood guide in exchange for leads’ contact information.

7. Start a Blog

This one seems overwhelming at first, but is actually really easy if you know what to write about. Here is a list of 75 Easy Real Estate Blog Ideas. Writing a blog is one of the faster ways to drive up your website SEO and gain credibility online. 

And there you have it. Most of these can be done once and reused in minutes, and some (like setting up property alerts) take less than 15 minutes to implement.

Who can’t find 15 minutes to promote their real estate business?