4 Tips for Spicing Up Stale Listings

A few months of your listing getting little to no attention is frustrating to the sellers, and to you, as the professional. You know that the longer this listing sits, the less attention it will receive.
With the summer months approaching, now might be a good time to look at some of these stagnant properties, and see what can be done to spark some interest. Try these 4 tips to help refresh your stale listings.

Revamp the Listing Photos

A growing majority of buyers claims that viewing a home online is one of the most useful tools when searching to buy. Be sure the photos for your listing are well-lit, and well organized. Don’t make potential buyers scroll through multiple exterior photos, showcase the “selling” areas of the house, like the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. See if your sellers are interested in staging some photos to really leave a great impression.

Revisit the Subject of Pricing

The most important piece when selling a home is finding the right price. If your sellers have been stubborn about their asking price of $600,000, and you know it won’t go for over $500,000, now is the time to bring to their attention that that might be playing a factor in their home still being on the market. Suggest taking them to a showing of a home going for their asking price to highlight some of the differences between the two homes, and show them how much $100,000 can buy. They may become more flexible on their asking price.

Make Necessary Repairs and Aesthetic Updates

Take some time to go through the home and make sure everything is working and in proper order. Target trouble areas like ceilings, basements, and appliances. If problems do arise, recommend to your sellers to take care of it immediately. Someone could ask to see the home at any time, and you don’t want lingering problems to be stacking up.
Adjustments to landscaping can be just as important. Well manicured lawns and fresh mulch can make a property pop. Make sure driveways or parking accommodations are in good aesthetic condition. Most buyers will drive past a property to see it from the outside before scheduling a showing, so make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

Rethink Your Strategy

If you feel that your price is right, your listing photos are top-notch, and all the home repairs and property work is done, it may be time to revisit your marketing strategy for the house. Think about the different platforms you are using to market the home. Is your webpage looking its best? Are you using social media? Take some time to make sure that you are doing all that you can to sell those stale listings.


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