Referral Network

The UltimateIDX™ Referral Network

UltimateIDX™ is a proven leader in RETS and IDX services for websites by capturing tens of thousands of real estate leads resulting in millions of dollars of closed real estate transactions for our Clients.

Not only do we offer the best RETS/ IDX services available, our system saves valuable time and money for real estate professionals and that is crucial in a competitive market like we find ourselves in today.

Our most productive sales effort has come by word of mouth from our existing Clients.

We understand that we can not contact every Real Estate Agent out there so we are now offering a referral to any Client that reaches out to friends and associates in our existing MLS markets and convinces them to become an UltimateIDX™ Client.

As compensation, we are offering 1 month of free basic service for every successful referral.

Joining Our Referral Network Is Easy

Joining the UltimateIDX™ Referral Network could not be easier.

Just complete the form below and your invitation to your friends and on-line associates to explore the benefits of the UltimateIDX™ will me emailed on your behalf.

Alternatively, contact your UltimateIDX™ Sales person and you can be set up as a Permanent Referral Partner. Then when you refer someone they can visit our order page, place an order and use your email address in the “Promotional Code” area. By your email (as used exactly as used in your UltimateIDX™ login) being entered into the “Promotional Code” area, not only will you receive credit for 1 month of basic service, your friend or Associate will receive an instant 10% discount on his/her first month service and setup fees.

For answers to possible questions or restrictions about our RETS/IDX Referral Network please visit or FAQ page.

So you have 2 methods of compensation for referrals:

1) Fill out the Referral Contact Form below.

2) Contact your UltimateIDX™ Sales Manager about becoming a Permanent Referral Partner.