Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that come in that may be off assistance to our visitors and potential Clients. We will update this list of FAQs as it becomes necessary.

Q1) Is it really necessary for Real Estate Agents to have websites?

Q2) What is an IDX and an MLS?

Q3) Do I need to belong to my Local Board to display the MLS on my website?

Q4) What is VOW and VOWII and do I need it on my real estate website?

Q5) How is the UltimateIDX™ different from other 3rd Party IDX/RETS Vendors?

Q6) Is the UltimateIDX™ fully compliant with my Local Board’s MLS?

Q7) Will the UltimateIDX™ display my competitions listings?

Q8) How long has UltimateIDX been in business?

Q9) What type of lead volume has the UltimateIDX™ handled successfully?

Q10) Does UltimateIDX™ have a referral program?

Q11) Are there any limits to the number of referrals?

A-1) According to most industry experts approximately 77% of all property purchases begin with a search on the Internet so unless you want to ignore an estimated 77% of potential buyers you must have a web presence. Back to Top

A-2) First, the MLS is a synonym used by REALTOR® Boards for “Multiple Listing Service”. If you belong to your Local Board of REALTORS® you can display listings from other REALTORS® on your website just as your listings will be displayed on theirs. This makes more properties available to your potential buyers and more Agents promoting the sale of your listings. It is a “Win-Win” scenario for Real Estate Agents, Buyers and Sellers.

Second, IDX stands for “Internet Data Exchange”. It is the Database that all listings on the MLS reside. Information on the IDX belongs to the specific Local Board of REALTORS® that house the Database. IDX solutions such as the UltimateIDX™ takes the information from the listings within the Database and presents it in a specific manner on YOUR real estate website that complies with the rules and regulations of your Local Board of REALTORS®. Back to Top

A-3) Yes. In order to display your Local MLS you must be a REALTOR® and belong to your Local Board of REALTORS®. The Board of REALTORS own all data within the MLS. Back to Top

A-4) VOW stands for “Virtual Office Website” and is regulated by the National Association of REALTORS®. The short answer is that REALTORS® carrying MLS listings on their websites can require visitors to register (usually with an email) prior to having the ability to search. VOW11 (or VOW2) can be used as an option to allow visitors limited access to MLS listings prior to viewing details without having to register. The UltimateIDX includes configuration options for setting controls on registration.  Back to Top

A-5) Unlike other IDX/RETS vendors, the UltimateIDX™ was designed by REALTORS® for REALTORS®. Features such as our Search Engine Friendly URLs (SEF) and Unique Meta Tag Generator works with the Search Engines to make it easier to index all of the listings in your MLS so your Buyers can fin exactly what they are looking for. Additionally, our Client Resource Manager helps you track and manage your real estate leads so you can better assist your buyers. UltimateIDX™ is truly a “Conversion Machine” that coverts your real estate leads into real estate sales! Back to Top

A-6) Yes, the UltimateIDX™ is compliant with all MLS Boards. If there are any special requirements by your Local Board, we will make all changes/additions to remain compliant. Back to Top

A-7) Yes, the UltimateIDX™ does display all listings on your Local MLS including your competition; however all of the listings will display your contact information. Back to Top

A-8) Development for the UltimateIDX system began in 2000. UltimateIDX is now part of the Blue Fire Group Inc based in Colorado. Back to Top

A-9) The UltimateIDX™ has successfully handled tens of thousands of real estate leads resulting in multi-millions of dollars in closed real estate transactions. Back to Top

A-10) Yes, we do offer incentives for existing Clients to spread the word by offering one free month of their basic package free of charge to any Client that we successfully sign up a new Agent or Broker in our existing MLS markets. Back to Top

A-11) No, there are no limits to the number of referrals that you can get. If you bring in 100 new Agents/Brokers you get 100 months of FREE service on your basic package. Back to Top