WordPress Menu Creator 1.1 Released

Fully XHTML Compliant WordPress Menus

UltimateIDX developers have released version 1.1 of the WP Menu Creator which includes a multitude of new features in answer to requests by users of the plugin. Although the previous WordPress published version was 1.0.6, the jump to 1.1 was not without intermediate releases within this site. Versions 1.0.7 – 1.0.9 were bug fix releases that addressed a handful of small issues users were having in getting the menu to show and function properly. Although we have have included a new RSS feature to provide up to date css menu examples beginning this May 15th, the Yahoo Tabs feature will be replaced with our own home grown code to reduce its dependency on third party GNU / GPL sources.

This version of the menu creator includes new features to assist developers and web designers in the distribution of the menu creator with there commercial or non commercial themes. By extending superior menu management features within their themes, designers and developers can provide a truly turnkey blog or micro CMS solutions easily. We have also added a new feature to allow for XHTML compliant links to open in a new window. Since the standard method which uses target=”_blank” is not XHTML compliant, we have opted to include a popular javascript alternative which functions essentially in the same way.   In addition, we have expanded some of the javascript code to allow for links that can have the REL=NOFOLLOW along with the new window link.  In the next release we will expand this a tad more by providing a few more variables for the REL link option.

So whats next? Well we start publishing a few dozen menu examples and the CSS for your implementation and then we open up the forum for member submitted and third party navigation code to be shared.  May 15th is our target date and the new features will be reflected in version 1.1.1 and will likely include an option for making menu items image based.  Tutorials have already been scripted and ready for use in just a few days.


  1. Avatar for Marshall

    so far I can’t see any advantage in using the generator because it does not produce the code to display in the header.php or sidebar.php.

    I can hand code a list of UL and LI links which are then styled with a CSS sheet.

    So where is the advantage in this generator.

    More advantage in using a theme setup to produce dropdown menus.

    1. Avatar for Jared Ritchey
      Jared Ritchey says:

      The problem is that there is no reliable way to include all the possible variables for the endless possibilities for menu variants. It can literally be used for thousands of menu styles. The very reason it was built was to be of use to theme developers and designers. However I will include several code examples for people to use.

  2. Avatar for Bob@Web Based CRM
    Bob@Web Based CRM says:

    Agree, “developers can provide a truly turnkey blog or micro CMS solutions easily ”
    .-= Bob@Web Based CRM ´s last blog ..New Theme =-.

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