Why Write a Real Estate Blog

Writing Blog articles can take time and effort, so its definitely worthwhile being clear about why you want to write a blog!

Here are 5 good reasons for writing a Real Estate Blog:

Write Articles that People find via Google and other Search Engines

A good blog article needs to be focused on something very specific (and as a REALTOR® you should definitely be focusing on specific Geographies or Areas!) When a Blog article discusses a specific topic, then the keywords and title of the Blog post will naturally be focused too, and this is great news for getting your blog post indexed by Google.  When consumers now start searching for help and ideas on the topics you write about, they will find your helpful articles.

Dynamically embedding properties into your blog articles makes them even more indexable by search engines.

Be Seen as An Expert

One of the ways to be seen as an expert is to offer expert advice and expert opinions! if you can position yourself as an expert in a geographic area or a specific market then others will link to you and this will not only draw traffic to your site, but will also help build you as a credible expert that others will want to do business with. Using MLS properties from your IDX solution makes the even easier.

Market and Promote a Listing

Take your listings and turn them into Blog Posts – this is great way to get exposure for your listings and also to get great keywords into the Page Address URLs so that you can attract some niche traffic. If you use Listing Marketing solutions such as SinglePropertySites then you can take the web flyer HTML provided by them for your property, and simply insert it as the blog post!

Generate Traffic to your Site and Generate Leads

Focused Blog articles, as we have discussed, stand a great chance of getting indexed by Google and Others. Consumers are searching for all sorts of information as it relates to Real Estate – and if your Blog articles are helpful, knowledgeable and focused, then they get found by consumers and this brings traffic back into your website. Dynamically adding properties or canned searches to a page makes it even more relevant. Consumers that come to your website via your Blog articles will already have (hopefully) a positive opinion of your website service, and this means you stand a far greater chance too of getting these visitors to use other services in your site – and possibly sign up as leads.

Your Blog can help Generate Referrals

Credibility through expert articles will encourage others to link to you or to recommend your website and article to others. Your Blog can therefore be seen as a great way to generate referrals from others.


The above discussion should hopefully encourage you to think positively about the business opportunities afforded you by a Blog.

Don’t delay – get writing today!


About the Author:

Paul Eastwood is the CEO of UltimateIDX and founder of it’s parent company Blue Fire Group that has been helping Real Estate agents with online marketing for over 15 years.


  1. Jonathan Kobler  October 31, 2017

    Thanks for the tips. I’m trying to up my blog game for my real estate business in Texas and this will help get me going.

    How would I embed specific homes into a blog post? For example, if I wanted to write a blog on the most expensive homes in a particular city?

    • Paul  October 31, 2017

      That’s a great question as it perfectly highlights what I think is the best part of IDX these days, which is to use the property data from the MLS in your OWN marketing! Adding MLS data to any page or a blog post is made easy with our Wizard system – simply choose the option to “display properties”, then use the search form to specific criteria such as a price range or city etc (or in fact almost ANY MLS field).. you will then see the code snippet to paste into your blog post. You will see a perfect example of this on our demo site – if you scroll to the bottom of the pages you’ll see the widget code snippet that is doing all the work! http://charliesmithrealty.com/arvada-everything-page/

      • Jonathan Kobler  October 31, 2017

        Thanks for the quick response. I’ll give it a try!


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