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April 2, 2009
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I’m pleased to announce that we are in the final hours of production and release of our latest 100% FREE addon titled “OR Menu Creator” for Open Realty. This new, 100% FREE addon will extend the menu management features in Open Realty to a new level by allowing site owners to control what, when, where and how links are added and managed on an Open Realty site.

What is Open Realty?

Open Realty is a freely available open source application for managing real estate listings among other features.  Open Realty, developed by Transparent Technologies, is likely one of the premier web applications used for turnkey real estate websites in part due to its abundant out of box features and ease of implementation. Open Realty has been used in a wide range of web sites including; automotive, pets, classifieds, boat sales, flower shops, furniture stores, used cars, and even a Actors guild. This due in part because of the very purpose Open Realty was built which is to provide a gallery of sorts for properties and the like. Open Realty is currently the only truly open source free for use application of its type with a license that permits it to be used in a commercial venture.

Open Realty Add-On Environment

Open Realty as with many open source applications does not make a bold attempt to be the jack of all trades or the end solution for all situations by loading it with exhaustive features. Because of this, the developers of open source applications may deliberately leave some features out in order to better address them in a modular or plug-in type environment. As with Open Realty, most application developers would end up building counter productive results in terms of design and efficiency if they included every possible feature one would conceivably seek. Therefore the technique or feature that these application developers use to extend their software like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal or Open Realty is through its modular system.

Plug-ins, add-ons, modules, components, etc.. are ways for applications to have an ever expanding set of features without the need for maintaining endless revisions to the core structure of an application. Once a solid foundation is laid out, expanding or adding modular features becomes the optimal method for customizing an application to work in unique ways. Open Realty does this quite effectively with its addon system. An addon basically extends the features core to Open Realty and may be miniature applications in and of themselves. Our new plugin is an addon that extends Open Realty by providing some unique menu management features without the need to modify the core structure of the application.

As with all Open Realty addons, installation is done by simply uploading the files to the openrealty/addon/ folder and navigating to the admin panel with your browser to complete the installation. Once installed menu management becomes a breeze and includes endless possibilities for the types of menus you can add to your site. Some of the features included are briefly outlined as follows;

  • XHTML CSS Compliant
  • Support for Suckerfish Cascading Drop Down Menus
  • All built on list items or nested list items
  • Search Engine Navigable
  • Device compliant (iphones and so on)
  • XHTML Strict Compliant “New Window” support
  • Javascript, OnClick and special REL features
  • Ability to Randomize Menu Items
  • Drag and Drop sortable ordering
  • Support for OpenCube Menus
  • Easy to customize.
  • Dont forget its 100% FREE!


Avatar for Catalin

Hey guys
Jared, i beg you man, just paste some links in your posts, i cracked my head between and this blog and i still have not found a download link for that OR Menu Creater…

Where could i find this addon for OR?



May 2, 2009
Avatar for Ellie

Can birds’ feet stick to metal perches ?

October 13, 2009
Avatar for Judy Spear@Longmont Homes

Open source is great. Sometimes yes, it is below average quality but can you really beat free? I have used Joomla (an open source web development cms) and they have only gotten better and better as time goes on.

March 26, 2010
Avatar for Jared Ritchey
Jared Ritchey

I’ll get some videos posted that will help with this.

March 28, 2010
Avatar for Bhing@Atlanta Realtor

How can open realty help?

May 10, 2010
Avatar for Jared Ritchey
Jared Ritchey

I’m not sure what you are asking? How can they help what?

May 11, 2010
Avatar for Rommel@Chicago Web Design

WOW.. This addon looks great. Not mentioning it is 100% free. Don’t you have a donate button for it? I’m sure many would like to donate for this addon.
.-= [email protected] Web Design´s last blog ..Businesses Plan To Increase E-Commerce Investment in 2010 =-.

May 14, 2010
Avatar for diocelin@website design münchen
[email protected] design münchen

This is really cool, I’ll definitely try is one out. Simply because it is helpful and the best thing is it is for free. Awesome work mates, cheers!
.-= [email protected] design münchen´s last blog ..XT Commerce Abonnement Modul =-.

June 5, 2010
Avatar for Banden

The features offered by Open reality add on. As Catalin said, it would help us greatly if you could tell where this add on can be found.

June 9, 2010
Avatar for Jim@quality backlinks

I have tried it and I can honestly say open realty is ggrevating to use.

June 10, 2010
Avatar for Bob Jenson@Web Design Wellington
Bob [email protected] Design Wellington

Hi Jared. Seems very interesting. Do you have those video you were going to post?


June 28, 2010
Avatar for Jared Ritchey
Jared Ritchey

Been up to my ass in updates but yes I’ll publish those videos this weekend. I just made a note of it and I will get the Menu Creator 2.0 published.

July 13, 2010
Avatar for Susan@Palmdale homes for sale
[email protected] homes for sale

Sounds like you guys are really onto something good. the ability to rearrange items and sort menus sounds very useful.

July 18, 2010
Avatar for Alan@Rca Ieftina

I’ve used Open Reality script for a project but the script seems to have some bugs. I don’t remember exactly its problem but I was not very impressed by the how it works the script. The script must be a little bit cleaned by a programmer.

February 18, 2011
Avatar for AmosDavid

Been up to my ass in up-dates but yes I’ll post those video clips this few days. I just created a observe of it and I will get the Selection Designer 2.0 released.

November 21, 2012

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