Open Realty 3.3 Menu Management & Addon

Open Realty 3.3 and compatible versions of add-ons are available now. The FREE upgrades are many. Extensive code modernization, bug fixes, and third party library updates are new.  Site owners will enjoy upgraded versions of add-ons  TransparentMAPS and TransparentRETS. Adding and managing links is now easier for site owners. New features include customizable search templates and Twitter compatibility.


What is Open Realty?


Open Realty is an open source application for managing real estate listings.  Transparent Technologies developed the Open Realty app. It is a premier web application used for turnkey real estate websites. The app is unique due to its abundant out of box features and ease of implementation. Open Realty is not limited to real estate websites. Websites in almost all retail categories use Open Realty. A few examples are automotive, flower shops, furniture stores, and even an Actor’s guild. The versatility of Open Realty is by design. Developers intended to provide a gallery of sorts for properties and other products. Open Realty has a license for commercial venture use. It is currently the only open source, free application of its type.


Open Realty Add-On Environment


Open Realty does not attempt to be the end solution for all situations. Overloading an app with features is often counterproductive to efficiency. Thus, developers did not attempt to load Open Realty with exhaustive features.  Application developers use a different technique to extend their software. That technique is through the modular system.  Thus, several features are not included in the app. A modular or plug-in type environment addresses the extra features.


Periodic revisions to the core structure of an app are still necessary (like Open Realty 3.3). Revisions ensure that the application supports user expectations and technological advances. A solid foundation for the app is step one. Then, add-ons and modules allow applications to expand without constant revisions.


Customizing Open Realty is easy via its add-on system. Open Realty add-ons may be miniature applications in and of themselves. Our latest upgrade improves the foundation for popular add-ons like TransparentRETS and TransparentMAPS.


To install Open Realty add-ons, upload the files to the openrealty/addon/ folder. Then, navigate to the admin panel with your browser to complete the installation. Once installed, you can build impressive and comprehensive real estate websites.


Some of the new features of Open Realty 3.3 are as follows;

  • Increased security for session data
  • Twitter API can send highest rated photo
  • Ability to export user names and email addresses via Site Config
  • Sortable fields in Search Page and Search Results Page include numeric Field ORder
  • Option to limit the number of returned media items
  • Localized for 50 languages
  • Optional Activity log download in CSV format
  • Javascript, OnClick and special REL features
  • Easy to customize.
  • Don’t forget it’s 100% FREE!


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