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Currently we have about 30 submitted sites that use the WordPress Menu Creator and we are going to publish these and others in three separate categories. The categories are; Theme developers that distribute the Menu Creator in their themes, Sites that use the Menu Creator, Sites that use third party themes converted to work with menu creator. Although the actual titles of these categories are not set in stone as of yet, they do represent the three main areas we want to share with users of this plug-in. I’ll explain a little more on what each category will represent and you can submit your feedback or link for inclusion in the page of examples that are befitting of these categories. Once your example is published in these categories, you can link back if you so desire and naturally submit additional examples as you make them available. I’ll return to this post a little later and provide links to each of those categories. Lets look at what each of these categories will be applied to and how we intend on using them;

Theme developers that distribute the Menu Creator

Since we make it super easy to distribute the Menu Creator in themes, we decided to create a category that will feature details and links back to those theme developers. The theme developer simply submits a few short paragraphs about their theme, a screen shot, the link they want us to publish and we are going to start providing links to those in support of the WordPress Menu Creator. Our only requirement is that the short summary you submit must state that it employs the WP Menu Creator.

Why distribute WP Menu Creator in your theme? Simple! Its void of any link back requirements, we do not advertise or solicit products or services in the plug-in, there are no heavy branding or other types of “thou shalt worship us” phrases in the plug-in, its super easy to implement into your theme for distribution given the code we provide and there is no cost to you. You gain by providing the absolute best possible menu management solution available for WordPress which is so flexible it can literally accommodate any type of CSS / XHTML compliant menu system. We already have many theme developers publishing themes with the Menu Creator for you to examine their solutions.

Site owners and developers

We get requests to help theme designers and webmasters implement the WP Menu Creator several times a week. After having provided technical assistance and even examples of the code to many of our plug-in users, we decided that we are going to start publishing summary details and links to those projects or developers that use the Menu Creator. Like the category above, when we publish the details, we all also publish a one way link back to the project site and even a screen shot of the menu system being employed.

The idea behind this is simple. When we first built the WP Menu Creator we knew that it would need to be so flexible that it would literally accommodate hundreds if not thousands of different types of CSS / XHTML compliant menus for WordPress. Like our new WP Form Creator or the WP Zillow plug-ins we also publish, we decided that maybe the best way to make our products truly flexible is to simply not deliver any CSS markup for styling. We didn’t want users of the products to think that these were the only possible styling options thereby giving us a poor rating on the power of the Menu Creator or Form Creator for instance.

Third Party Themes Implementation

Almost daily, we receive about a half a dozen requests for help in using the WP Menu Creator with third party themes like those published by Thesis or StudioPress themes among many others. Although we are happy to provide assistance to users of our plug-in, the number of requests at times becomes a bit high and difficult to keep up with. These types of themes differ from the average site owner or developer of custom works in that these themes are most often commercial and are usually quite popular with literally thousands of bloggers using them. Because of this we have published code snippets and instructions on how to modify some of the more popular themes for use with the Menu Creator and will begin publishing those examples today in the new section we have setup. The number one problem with WordPress Menu Management is the requirement that most theme developers essentially require you to manage your menu by managing the way you publish your content. This is neither effective or consistent with proper menu management.

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