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Currently we have about 30 submitted sites that use the WordPress Menu Creator and we are going to publish these and others in three separate categories. The categories are; Theme developers that distribute the Menu Creator in their themes, Sites that use the Menu Creator, Sites that use third party themes converted to work with menu creator. Although the actual titles of these categories are not set in stone as of yet, they do represent the three main areas we want to share with users of this plug-in. I’ll explain a little more on what each category will represent and you can submit your feedback or link for inclusion in the page of examples that are befitting of these categories. Once your example is published in these categories, you can link back if you so desire and naturally submit additional examples as you make them available. I’ll return to this post a little later and provide links to each of those categories. Lets look at what each of these categories will be applied to and how we intend on using them;

Theme developers that distribute the Menu Creator

Since we make it super easy to distribute the Menu Creator in themes, we decided to create a category that will feature details and links back to those theme developers. The theme developer simply submits a few short paragraphs about their theme, a screen shot, the link they want us to publish and we are going to start providing links to those in support of the WordPress Menu Creator. Our only requirement is that the short summary you submit must state that it employs the WP Menu Creator.

Why distribute WP Menu Creator in your theme? Simple! Its void of any link back requirements, we do not advertise or solicit products or services in the plug-in, there are no heavy branding or other types of “thou shalt worship us” phrases in the plug-in, its super easy to implement into your theme for distribution given the code we provide and there is no cost to you. You gain by providing the absolute best possible menu management solution available for WordPress which is so flexible it can literally accommodate any type of CSS / XHTML compliant menu system. We already have many theme developers publishing themes with the Menu Creator for you to examine their solutions.

Site owners and developers

We get requests to help theme designers and webmasters implement the WP Menu Creator several times a week. After having provided technical assistance and even examples of the code to many of our plug-in users, we decided that we are going to start publishing summary details and links to those projects or developers that use the Menu Creator. Like the category above, when we publish the details, we all also publish a one way link back to the project site and even a screen shot of the menu system being employed.

The idea behind this is simple. When we first built the WP Menu Creator we knew that it would need to be so flexible that it would literally accommodate hundreds if not thousands of different types of CSS / XHTML compliant menus for WordPress. Like our new WP Form Creator or the WP Zillow plug-ins we also publish, we decided that maybe the best way to make our products truly flexible is to simply not deliver any CSS markup for styling. We didn’t want users of the products to think that these were the only possible styling options thereby giving us a poor rating on the power of the Menu Creator or Form Creator for instance.

Third Party Themes Implementation

Almost daily, we receive about a half a dozen requests for help in using the WP Menu Creator with third party themes like those published by Thesis or StudioPress themes among many others. Although we are happy to provide assistance to users of our plug-in, the number of requests at times becomes a bit high and difficult to keep up with. These types of themes differ from the average site owner or developer of custom works in that these themes are most often commercial and are usually quite popular with literally thousands of bloggers using them. Because of this we have published code snippets and instructions on how to modify some of the more popular themes for use with the Menu Creator and will begin publishing those examples today in the new section we have setup. The number one problem with WordPress Menu Management is the requirement that most theme developers essentially require you to manage your menu by managing the way you publish your content. This is neither effective or consistent with proper menu management.


  1. Avatar for Mark

    Just letting you know your plugin has one flaw: it has no way of telling it whether the ID number is a page or a post. What I mean is I tried to create a “Post or Page” menu item but in my case I have a post=7 id and also a cat_id=7. So I already made a menu item for page 7 and now I am trying to create a menu item for category 7 but when I enter 7 in the text-field it keeps using the url for the page id #7 instead.

    Get what I mean? What are we supposed to do when we have pages and categories with same number?

  2. Avatar for Mark

    Sorry, forgot to mention. You say in your notes to make sure the first item we create is order #0, well I tried that and what happened was after I clicked the “save” button the menu item never appeared under the Menu. It acted as if I never created a menu item. The second time I did it I set the first item as order #1 THEN it appeared under the Menu I was creating links for.

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    Highest CD Rates says:

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  4. Avatar for Wisam

    Hi, I have a multilingual website and I wonder if it is possible to use the post/page ID in the title too so it uses the title for the language instead of always showing the English title (qtranslate plugin).
    That will be really a neat feature to have as the whole interface is being translated when a user switching the language.

  5. Avatar for Joerg

    First, thanks for the PlugIn!
    My question: How can I hide Items for users not logged in?
    I tried to nest a new menu into an existing and decide by php if it will be insered or not. But the second menu starts again with the -Tag an so it won’t integrate the way I need.
    At best your plugin would work together with the “User Access Manager”-PlugIn! Is that possible?
    It can be found here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/user-access-manager/

    Hope for help, thanks.

  6. Avatar for Sue

    Lastly, your section on WP ) faq #6 says tutorials can be found at https://www.ultimateidx.com/ but the link after the text “Please see the link below for tutorials and menu structure examples and source code.” takes me right back to where I started from. No tutorials, no examples, no java for tiered menus… Help!!

  7. Avatar for Sue

    I’m having a ton of trouble with your last step “Last, add your CSS styling for the menu and any javascript required for the drop down menus and you are ready to start publishing links.” It seems so simple, but what javascript, how to add it, where to add it, and how to get it to work with your menu? all the java for pull down menus that I can find are just manually create your menu in html. Html is not so bad but how to integrate the java with your plugin? do you have a specific recommendation and steps for how to accomplish it? Everything else in your plugin is good and easy to use but it’s all garbage (at least for me) if I can’t get drop downs. That’s why I’m looking for a WordPress menu solution. Thanks!

  8. Avatar for Sue

    Item 6 in “Installation” seems to be missing a couple of somethings (my questions in ()):
    6.Place the following code between (between what 2 things) the section of your template header.php file. (usually the > at the end of this line has a complementary

    How to finish the installation?

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    ANSH@costa rica real estate says:

    Internet is so wide and there are lots of websites in the web world, word-press is the only thing which provides the best themes to the uses. It’s menu creator is really a nice service through which many people can take the benefits of the word-press.

  10. Avatar for perpetualjon

    Maybe I’m missing something that is obvious but I can’t seem to find your code snippets anywhere. I’m truly hopeful for this plugin as menu creation has been a real thorn in my side for some time now with WordPress. I hate being stuck with the menu system that the theme developer creates -not thinking that I may need multiple levels, different structure, ect. I’d love to incorporate this plugin in all my WP sites but I can’t seem to find good CSS code that works well with your plugin working with multiple levels of dropdown… Am I missing a page or a link somewhere?

  11. Avatar for Geoff@San Diego Homes For Sale
    Geoff@San Diego Homes For Sale says:

    The menu creator has been a helpful feature on my San Diego real estate website. It allows me to easily add and organize neighborhood pages.
    I plan to break down neighborhoods further into regions. For example, instead of La Jolla Homes, Del Mar Homes, and Rancho Santa Fe Homes, I will group them all as North County San Diego. As I understand it, with WordPress, all the pages will remain top-level pages despite being grouped as second-tier in the menu creator. Is that correct?
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  12. Avatar for Leandro


    Is there a way to display the menu using the name of the menu instead of the ID? Because I’m using WPMU and each site owner can create a new menu and it will change the ID even if I say them use ‘sidebar’ for sidebar menu and ‘header’ for header menu.


      1. Avatar for Leandro

        Awesome, it’s a big issue for me right now that makes it unusable in WPMU.

        Do you know when it will be released? (sorry for the rush but I want to know if I can deliver that client site with menu creator or I’ll need to see for another alternative)


    1. Avatar for Claudio

      hi, i’ve got the same issue to resolve.
      i’ve got a list of artists so every artist needs a menu on his page showing bio, gallery and more…
      have you got the solution ?

  13. Avatar for Jared Ritchey
    Jared Ritchey says:

    Globally, for everyone, I wanted to say that the Menu Creator videos I’ve promised and have yet to deliver are being edited for release this week.

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    watt@cruiser boats for sale says:

    WordPress menu creator is really a nice service through which many people can take the benefits of the word-press. Internet is so wide and there are lots of websites in the web world, word-press is the only thing which provides the best themes to the uses.

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    Apartemen di Jakarta says:

    I’m so interest in themes and plug-ins, because of that i have multilingual website, but in the first there are some problem how to do add the javascript.
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  16. Avatar for Dave Bergschneider
    Dave Bergschneider says:

    Does anyone actually have good examples of this plugin in action? I myself was disappointed when I found out all css markup was controlled by the plugin and not opened for developers to assign their own classes to make it fall inline with other menu’s etc.
    .-= Dave Bergschneider´s last blog ..Walk Now for Autism Speaks =-.

    1. Avatar for Jared Ritchey
      Jared Ritchey says:

      Actually all css styling is inherited from the themes css. We built that in so you would not have to rely on CSS in two places.

    1. Avatar for Devarah

      I have figured out a hack adding javascript and css to my theme. It seems this plugin doesn’t come with the javascript to run it? Well, I’m still using it and thank you for what works about it.

  17. Avatar for Sticky

    Hi, I’m using your plug-in right now on below my site’s header:


    But I can’t figure out how to get the menu links to be HORIZONTAL, not vertical. I’ve toggled all the settings but can’t get it right, please advise!

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    Daniel@spanish translations says:

    WordPress has a number of tools to dress up a website, but you need some expertise to handle it. I am considering taking a course

  19. Avatar for Ed@Solanco School Disitrct
    Ed@Solanco School Disitrct says:

    Hello All

    In middle of moving our current web site here at our district to WordPress to spread out the content responsibilities. I really like this Menu Creator but one issue I am having is that the menus want to put a Bullet in front of each line item. I have no need to format my menu that way. Where is this bullet coming from and can I remove it somewhere in the code?


    1. Avatar for Jared Ritchey
      Jared Ritchey says:

      Style sheet is where you would set that. Depending on the menu id you might add something like the following

      #mc_menu_1 li{list-style-type:none;}

      1. Avatar for Ed@Solanco School Disitrct
        Ed@Solanco School Disitrct says:

        Hi Jared

        Is there a way to just take out he UL/LI all together? I am able to remove the bullets from the list but I still have that margin effect that you get when you use lists. I am able to compensate by using a negative margin-left value this only work in Firefox not IE. Any thoughts?


        1. Avatar for Jared Ritchey
          Jared Ritchey says:

          Can you send me the link to the site directly and I’ll help you with the CSS?
          You can email me directly at

  20. Avatar for Ed@Solanco School Disitrct
    Ed@Solanco School Disitrct says:

    Link didn’t come through. Can I send you the sidebar file and css file? The site isn’t live tot he public yet just internal.

    1. Avatar for Jared Ritchey
      Jared Ritchey says:

      Yes please send it in a zip file. Tell me what you are attempting to do and I’ll send it back for you.

  21. Avatar for Ed@Solanco School Disitrct
    Ed@Solanco School Disitrct says:

    Sorry, I meant the link for your email didn’t come through. Just one to encrypt me email address.

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    diocelin@website design münchen says:

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  23. Avatar for Lori@RocktheWorldBook.com

    I want to put a blogroll in my menu but I’m not sure how. The slug for the link category is “blogroll”. Can you help with the external link I would use?

    .-= [email protected]´s last blog ..Gone Are the Days When a Static Website Meant Effective Online Marketing =-.

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