A New Real Estate Community

The Brokers Edge was intended to be a completely a different type of Real Estate Community and portal. Unfortunately, owners of UltimateIDX™ and The Brokers Edge formally split the Company into two distinct entities and completion of the real estate portal at TBE was halted.

This has not deterred UltimateIDX, Inc. CEO Rhonda McMillan from her aspirations to create a “one-stop” shop for REALTORS®. Rhonda plans on launching Agent Blogs and our Real Estate Forums in the spring of 2009.

The major difference in UltimateIDX.com and other Real Estate Communities is the owners and most of the administrators at UltimateIDX™ are veteran real estate professionals. We have been with you in the trenches so to speak; some of us for over two decades. We understand the “ins and out’s, “highs and lows” and what it takes to be successful in real estate sales.

Products and Services

In our quest for success we have developed products and services not because we want to, but because we had to. Most Web API/RETS and IDX services vendors that cater to the real estate industry on the Internet are webmasters, hosting companies or software engineers that attempt to solve problems they know nothing about in an effort to make sales. Old solutions and tools are revised and rehashed and then labeled for “the real estate industry” and sold over and over again at inflated prices. As a result, REALTORS® end up overpaying for outdated products that do not perform as promised let alone meet the everyday needs of the real estate professional. Our products and services are designed by REALTORS® for REALTORS®.

So yes we do offer products and IDX/Web API/RETS services but even more important we offer solutions. Unlike other Real Estate Communities we will not only allow vendors with competing products and services to cater to our Members; we will encourage it. Competition increases quality while reducing price.


Members at the UltimateIDX.com will be encouraged to visit our real estate forums and take advantage of our Member real estate blogs when launched in 2009.

We will strive to make this the best Real Estate Community on the net and to assist any real estate professional that genuinely wishes to succeed.


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