Embeddable Joomla IDX Extension with CRM Integration for Real Estate

Joomla IDX Plugin
The UltimateIDX™ Joomla IDX Plugin is an easy to install real estate extension for your website, seamlessly integrating the MLS with IDX and lead capture widgets with your website design.

Joomla IDX Plugin Highlights

Quick Joomla Setup
Joomla 3 and 4
Flexible Design
All On Your Website
Use Shortcodes
Lead Capture Built In
Mapping Built In
Fully Responsive

The UltimateIDX Joomla IDX Plugin is a native Joomla Extension Plugin that embeds IDX and Lead Capture widgets – and other functions – in your Joomla website.

All content is in your own Joomla Real Estate Website, on your domain – no FRAMES, IFRAMES, or subdomains. Simply upload the Buying Buddy Joomla Plugin file we provide to you as a Joomla Extension.

Once the IDX Plugin Extension is installed, it’s then easy to add HTML widgets (<div> tags) all across your website on multiple pages to present MLS search, mapping, dynamic displays of IDX properties to your Joomla web pages.

Mobile Responsive for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Devices

All Ultimate IDX widgets are fully mobile-responsive so they look fabulous in your Joomla website on all devices. Joomla IDX Widgets can be customized using our theme designer. If you like you can even manipulate the CSS too. See all the IDX and Lead Capture features.

Customize Presentation

The various UltimateIDX IDX and Service widgets are easy to customize and blend with the design of your Joomla website. Configure colors and fonts to tailor standard widgets to match your existing website.

Customize Search and Display

All widgets permit the application of “search” and “data” filters. Filters allow you to pre-define search criteria, present canned results, control display options – and so on.

Landing pages and Lead Capture

Creating your own specialist landing pages / squeeze pages is made simple by using the Buying Buddy plugin capabilities for custom lead capture forms such as ‘Get Property Alerts’, ‘Home Valuation report’ and more. Lead capture is also built-in to all IDX components.

Installation Is Fast and Easy!

Download the Buying Buddy Joomla Plugin file and then install the Plugin in Joomla Extensions. Once the plugin is installed and Enabled, just add the IDX widgets (<div tags) to display search forms, property details, canned results, interactive mapping, login links ..and more. The IDX Joomla plugin can be used with any Joomla website.

The Joomla IDX CRM Plugin supports all editions of our service: Independent AgentReal Estate Teams and Brokerage Office accounts.

See all IDX and Lead Capture Widget features.

Finding a Joomla IDX plugin that works with your site can be quite a challenge! One Florida MLS recently launched an updated framed IDX solution for their members that removed support for Joomla! So, are Joomla users and others just out of luck? No. The fix: an IDX plugin like the one from UltimateIDX that works with Joomla. IDX plugins, like the one from UltimateIDX, can be installed on your Joomla website. It’s easy to deploy IDX search, property display, and Lead Capture, all seamlessly presented in your website with no frames or subdomains. The UltimateIDX plugin provides comprehensive support for all the local important MLS fields, as well as integrated lead capture, and a sophisticated CRM for lead management incubation. IDX WidgetsWidgets within a Joomla IDX plugin allow Agents to turn their website into an automated, high-value, home-search tool for customers.

Functions that you will find within the plugin’s standard library of widgets are:

If you would like help with and IDX plugin for your Joomla website, or more information about a one stop fully integrated IDX CRM solution, contact us.