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Southern California MLS

The UltimateIDX™ is an authorized SoCalMLS vendor and can furnish IDX website services to any authorized SoCalMLS Board Members.

Southern California Multiple Listing Service (SoCalMLS), is the second largest MLS in the nation and in November 2008 led the initiative to join forces with 4 MLSs in the Southern California region by launching CARETS (California Real Estate Technology Services, Inc.). CARETS represents over 100,000 agents and controls the super-regional database of real estate listings that covers from Ventura all the way to San Clemente.

Your Data Feed: The UltimateIDX is an approved vendor for MLS Data by SoCalMLS.

Availability: Available to all Brokers or Agents with Broker approval.

Estimated time for SoCalMLS Feed Approval: 7 Business Days after submission.

Estimated time to go “Live” on Your Website: 24 business hours after approval by SoCalMLS.

Rules and Restrictions: All California Licensing laws must be strictly adhered to. The use of ‘mls’ or ‘multiple listing service’ in any URLs. A 300 search limit. Use of SoCalMLS disclaimer. Broker’s branding must appear on the website. Other restrictions may apply.

Official SoCalMLS website:


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