WordPress Real Estate Plugin Myth

I receive calls and emails daily for a WordPress Real Estate plugin that will magically import data from a MLS database into a WordPress real estate website. That plugin does not exist and never will.

Mission Impossible

There are hundreds of local MLS Boards nationally. Each Board owns and maintains their own data and therefore all have different data fields and formats. So it would be necessary for a developer to develop not 1, but hundreds of plugins. Additionally, most MLS ...

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WordPress Menu Creator 2.0

This post has been updated, please click here to view it.

Making a big jump from WP Menu Creator 1.7 to version 2.0 as we have sat on updates for many weeks eagerly awaiting a look at WordPress 2.9 before we committed to anything. I’m happy to say that WP Menu Creator will work with version 2.9 of WordPress.

What new features are in the new Menu Creator?

  • You can add your page or post to a menu while in the WYSWYG ...
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WordPress Menu Creator Examples

Currently we have about 30 submitted sites that use the WordPress Menu Creator and we are going to publish these and others in three separate categories. The categories are; Theme developers that distribute the Menu Creator in their themes, Sites that use the Menu Creator, Sites that use third party themes converted to work with menu creator. Although the actual titles of these categories are not set in stone as of yet, they do represent the three main areas ...

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The Number One Problem with WordPress Menus

Better Menu Management for WordPress

This has been updated, please click here to see it: https://www.ultimateidx.com/blog/wordpress-menu-management-problems-2/

For the most part, menu management in WordPress is largely handled by the themes coded features that display links as a result of posts, pages or other types of navigable elements within your blog. As WordPress grows in its use as a CMS solution, existing menu and navigation methods become quirky and un-natural in following the true essence of a CMS solution. In order to be ...

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Menu Creator for BFA Atahualpa WP Theme

*Update 2017 The plugin we suggested at the bottom is no longer available. So please consider using gravity forms or one of the many other great forum plugins. https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7/


Submitted by user of the Menu Creator, this modification guide is well documented on how to apply the WP Menu Creator to the BFA Atahualpa WP Theme. You can read about the implementation on the project site located on the Denver Home Real Estate Site for more details.

After receiving so many code submissions and ...

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Google REL Canonical URL

Today we added a new feature to the Menu Creator to allow you to set yet another option in your link structure in response to the Google REL Canonical URL update. Google made a post along with a video related to this new feature as presented by Matt Cutts and its worth a look because reckless application of this in your site can be consequential and counter productive to your efforts. Key points from Google include;

Is rel=”canonical” a ...

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Real Estate Webmasters Not Worth the Time

Is Real Estate Webmasters Forum Really Worth the Time

From time to time we do check out the Real Estate Webmasters forum just to see if the former Canadian porn webmaster turned Real Estate sales evangelist is slamming UltimateIDX or PREN.

Today I forgot to turn my Fire Fox DoFollow link checker off before I went to the Real Estate Webmasters forum and low an behold I noticed a Member with over ...

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Form Creator for WordPress

WP Forms Creator – Beta Release Today!

Today we submitted our new WP Form Creator to WordPress for inclusion into the extensions directory and once approved you will be able to download the plugin as a beta application. This release includes all the foundation features we wanted to add in from the onset of the project so bloggers using our free plug-in can have a way to quickly, easily and effectively add in a fully XHTML compliant forms. Initially ...

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WordPress Menu Creator CSS Examples

WordPress Menu Creator CSS Examples

Below are some examples of CSS styles that can be copied to your style.css file to complete the styling of your WordPress menus. Be sure to edit the Menu #s. Colors and images can also be edited to match your website theme.

CSS Example #1

Our first example can be seen at www.RELV.com. Both the Top Menu (within the header.php) and the Main Menu (within the sidebar.php) use our WordPress Menu Creator.

You can change save and change ...

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Menu Creator Theme

How can I include your plugin with my theme?

We get asked this a few times a week from theme developers and designers that want to include our Menu Creator with their products.  As part of our efforts to make the plug-in as developer / designer friendly as we can, we encourage this as often as possible in hopes that it will be used as a central feature of the overall design concept.  The method for including the plug-in is pretty ...

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Displaying WordPress Menus on External Pages

We get asked this time and time again about how to we are able to take our Menu Creator and display the menus externally outside of the WordPress template.  There are instances where a person would like to add his or her WordPress menu in their other non-WordPress pages on their site as we do quite frequently with the UltimateIDX among other applications.

Earlier today, I received another such emails from Yanik Prefontaine,  a contributor whom of which has been assisting ...

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Real Estate Webmasters Lies

More Real Estate Webmasters Lies

I heard from a client that Morgan Carey was up to his old tricks again slamming anyone that competes with him. So I went a looked and sure enough, he has an imaginary Member (melissayost – 2 Posts) slamming the UltimateIDX.

The truth of the matter is that we have never served Casa Grande, AZ or any other MLS market in Arizona for that matter. But the truth has NEVER impeded Morgan Carey on any front especially ...

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DoFollow Real Estate Blogs

A couple of years ago Google devaluated (and in some instances penalized for) reciprocal link exchanges by Real Estate sites and God Bless them for doing so. If we are all going to be honest the whole idea of exchanging a link with a REALTOR in another city or state was nothing less than a blatant attempt to manipulate the SERPs. And it worked for years.

I personally spent endless hours soliciting reciprocal link exchanges and ...

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All In One SEO for WordPress CMS

Today, Michael Torbert, the developer of the mega popular All In One SEO WordPress plug-in, announced and released a new CMS enhanced version the plug-in by adding some uniquely important features to CMS structured sites. The new features include better support for WordPress sites that are setup to function more like a mini CMS and the addition of another feature which provides the blogger a toggle option in the All In One SEO settings tab to either use or not ...

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Content is Still King

It seems as though all new Clients for the UltimateIDX™ all want to know short cuts for ranking well in the three major search engines. The simple truth is there are no short cuts. It takes many months of hard work and dedication to rank well in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

With Search Engine Optimization practices over the past decade I have seen many fads come and go however the only real constant has been good and fresh content. Without fresh ...

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WP Menu Creator Error

After todays update to version 1.1.2 we discovered that it had been uploaded to wordpress twice in the same folder,  this will cause an error when you go to manage the menus.  Simply delete the entire plugin folder from /plugins/wp-menu-creator/ and re-upload a new copy.  Sorry for the frustration.

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WordPress Menu Creator 1.1 Released

Fully XHTML Compliant WordPress Menus

UltimateIDX developers have released version 1.1 of the WP Menu Creator which includes a multitude of new features in answer to requests by users of the plugin. Although the previous WordPress published version was 1.0.6, the jump to 1.1 was not without intermediate releases within this site. Versions 1.0.7 – 1.0.9 were bug fix releases that addressed a handful of small issues users were having in getting the menu to show and function properly. ...

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Open Realty Menu Management Addon

This article has been updated, please click here to see it: https://www.ultimateidx.com/blog/openrealty-menu-management-2/

I’m pleased to announce that we are in the final hours of production and release of our latest 100% FREE addon titled “OR Menu Creator” for Open Realty. This new, 100% FREE addon will extend the menu management features in Open Realty to a new level by allowing site owners to control what, when, where and how links are added and managed on an Open Realty site.

What is Open Realty?

Open ...

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WP Menu Creator Update

Tutorials, Code Snippets and Examples

Today we wrapped up several key enhancements to our WordPress Menu Manager plug-in that should assist in the implementation and use of the plug-in by non-technical blog users. Many times we have faced tech support issues related to the complexity of making the menu creator work in a vast assortment of WordPress themes by entry level users (those we consider non programmers or designers per se). Although the WP Menu Creator was built initially ...

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Real Estate Leads

While industry experts may vary on the percentages of real estate transactions that begin on the Internet from 70-84% none of them will disagree with the importance of capturing and managing real estate leads. This was the driving force that moved the founders of UltimateIDX™ to create our system. Our founders are REALTORS® and we understand the importance of real estate leads. Let’s face it, the days of a real estate Brokerage’s ability to survive on “walk-in” traffic alone is ...

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