Need a Joomla IDX Plugin?

Finding a Joomla IDX plugin that works with your site can be quite a challenge! One Florida MLS recently launched an updated framed IDX solution for their members that removed support for Joomla! So, are Joomla users and others just out of luck? No. The fix: an IDX plugin like the one from UltimateIDX that works with Joomla.

IDX plugins, like the one from UltimateIDX, can be installed on your Joomla website. It’s easy to deploy IDX ...

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Keep up to date with the latest security requirements.

Don’t Let Your Unsecured IDX Plugin Invalidate Your SSL Certificate.

Do you know if your IDX Plugin is secure?  An unsecured plugin could soon begin to cause you trouble if it isn’t already.

Do you know if your IDX Plugin is secure?  An unsecured plugin could soon begin to cause you trouble if it isn’t already.

In December 2016 Google announced that beginning February 1, 2017, it would start marking sites (that collect sensitive information) non-secure unless they are HTTPS secure. For Real ...

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Are REcolorado and IRES Moving Towards a Merger? New Information Suggests….Possibly?

After several stops-and-starts, a recent failed takeover bid of IRES by REcolorado and an announcement that they will no longer share data, are you concerned that these two will never find a way to “make it work”?  Well, some new information suggests there might be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Recently, 20 plus major brokerage firms sent the parties involved a letter requesting they come up with a solution to the multi-MLS “situation”, and gave them until June ...

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To people shaking hands on a deal

Is It Better For Agents and Brokers To Work With or Against Syndicates?

A recent Inman Select Special Report on Real Estate Syndication tells a story of the struggle between deciding to participate on syndication websites or not, and how that decision affects business.  However, in our daily experience, we hear a completely different perspective on syndication participation.  It is one of acceptance, engagement and ultimately embracing syndication.

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Freedom from old IDX solutions

Take Control: Set Yourself Free From Expensive Lead Generation Services

We have “been there, done that” when it comes to full-service marketing/lead generation service companies and their bundled services business model.  We have heard it all, and maybe you can hear yourself in some of these sentiments that our clients have shared with us over the years.

  • It worked well, and a few of our colleagues had great success, but the cost was enormous.
  • Every month, as I paid our huge invoice, I would think “I could do this myself if I ...
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Open Realty 3.3 Menu Management & Addon

Open Realty 3.3 and compatible versions of add-ons are available now. The FREE upgrades are many. Extensive code modernization, bug fixes, and third party library updates are new.  Site owners will enjoy upgraded versions of add-ons  TransparentMAPS and TransparentRETS. Adding and managing links is now easier for site owners. New features include customizable search templates and Twitter compatibility.


What is Open Realty?


Open Realty is an open source application for managing real estate listings.  Transparent Technologies developed the ...

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The Number One Problem with WordPress Menus in 2018

Better Menu Management for WordPress

For the most part, menu management in WordPress is handled by the theme’s coded features. The theme’s coded features display links as a result of posts, pages or other types of navigable elements within your blog. As WordPress increases in popularity as a CMS solution, menu and navigation methods have required revisions. In order to be a true CMS, content and navigation must not be inner-dependent. Even casual manipulation of your site’s content structure ...

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Menu Creator 1.1.9 Mega Update

After going over all the new features in WordPress 3.0 and the inclusion / integration with WordPress Multi User, we decided to take a good long look at the Menu Creator to see what would and would not be a worthy update. So, as we looked at all the support forum and blog comments in addition to all the emails we started making a master task list. Keeping in mind that the reason the plugin is so popular we made ...

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